This web site is for the many people who  visit Zakynthos every year.  We are not a commercial site and the aim is to give information to everyone especially those who visit for a holiday or who are thinking of making the move to leave their native country.  If you decide to move here our sister site may be of help.

This site is now quite well established and we thank everyone who has e-mailed us about holiday, travel or coming to live and hope we have been of help. 

We now have a forum for everyone living, working or planning to travel to Zakynthos.  The aim is for everyone living here to pool your knowledge of the island and make it easier for other's to glide through the red tape, find the missing ingredient in a much loved recipe, interesting facts about the history and traditions of the island that have always baffled you, where you can eat in winter and  much, much more.  So please help us make this a success and let us know what you think.  The forum is on our sister site Living in Zante but you need only click the forum button to get access from here.

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Winter Kalamaki
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