The Resorts 


The beautiful island of Zante is a veritable tourist paradise and one of the top destinations for people who are on their cheap holidays to Greece. Blessed with numerous beautiful white sandy beaches and calm waters along its many secluded coves, Zante has developed a bustling tourism industry with lots of wonderful tourist resorts and holiday villas sprouting around the island which are mostly owned by foreigners who have seen the island's potential to be one of the top tourist destinations in the Greek archipelago.

The main  resorts on the Island operated by the UK travel companies, starting with Alykes the most northerly with its neighbour Alykanas.  Further south on the east coast is Tsilivi and to the south in the bay are Lagana and Kalamaki with Argassi and Vasilikos on the east coast peninsular.  Lagana Bay is the breeding ground for Caretta Caretta the Loggerhead Turtles so water sports are limited.  

Alykes and the sister resort of Alykanas.
The most northerly resorts on the island situated on the east coast.  These resorts are not affected by any of the Turtle restrictions.  Both have nice sandy beaches and are very good family resorts.  They have  a few bars,  restaurants and shops but no disco's.  There are the traditional horse and carts and also a train that travels up to the museum in the hills. If you like a quiet beach holiday with good beaches and family entertainment then these resorts are ones to pick. 

Travelling time from airport is about 45minutes.

Tsilivi further south but still on the east coast. Excellent sandy beach, this is a large resort offering all the amenities of its larger rival Lagana.  Many bars and restaurants also boasts the biggest beach party on the island. Lots going on for all ages suitable for families and especially families with older teenagers, you also have the advantage of water sports as the beach is not a nesting area for the Turtles, it is a blue flag beach one of the many in Greece.  

Travelling time form airport about 35 minutes. 

Lagana situated in the middle of Lagana Bay in the South.  This is definitely Club 18-30 territory.  Filled with clubs, disco's bars and restaurants.  Disco's will stay open all night and you can party until the morning.  A lot of places have live music and DJ's (even some well known DJ's, so I am told).  The beach is good but because of restrictions no water sports.  Although this is a young person's resort, families still enjoy it.  Make sure you get a hotel/apartment off the main 'strip' where it will be much quieter.  There are good Greek Taverna's and restaurants hidden away that are great for families. 

Travelling time from airport 15 minutes.

Kalamki further along the coast from Lagana, so same restrictions as Lagana.  Much quieter resort and very spread out.  Main shops, bars and restaurants along the main road that leads into Lagana and in the opposite direction at the T junction,  more facilities going down to beach. Between Lagana and Kalamaki is a large wooded area this is also part of the Marine Park so there is little development here.  The beach is just as sandy and safe for families. This is very much Turtle territory so you will see nest on the beach, you will only be able to sit on the front of the beach but the great thing is you may find yourself swimming with a Turtle.

One word of warning Kalamaki is on the flight path for the airport, the air traffic is restricted because of the turtles and generally although you get some noise it doesn't appear to cause any great problem.    A quiet, friendly, family resort.

Travelling time from the airport 10 minutes

Argassi situated below Zante Town on the Vasilikos peninsular.  A large resort mainly on the main street many bars and restaurants.  No restrictions as it is not in the bay, so plenty of water sports.  However, beach is a little bit small but there is plenty of nightlife with bars playing live music and games.

Travelling time from the airport 20 minutes.


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